Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Campus Minister Code of Ethics"

It has been with interest I have read the new "Pastor's Code of Ethics" just signed and promoted by some prominent pastors such as Rick Warren. It reminded me of some conversations in college ministry where we discussed an individual or ministry that we felt was acting unethically.

Yet, in my 40 plus years in college ministry, I can remember no seminar, class or informative discussion of what was proper college ministry ethics. It occurred to me that usually when someone in college ministry was accused of unethical behavior, it was someone young and inexperienced. How were they to know what was considered ethical behavior other than instinct? Here is my first thought at a code of ethics in campus ministry. I welcome and invite other thoughts, suggestions and corrections.

As A Campus Minister, I Will Strive:

1. To serve for God's best for each student and not how they may best serve my ministry or promote my ministry goals.

2. To strive for balance and care for my spouse and children while doing ministry.

3. To be fair and honest in dealing with other campus ministries.

4. To not sell or advocate the sale of products to students for my personal gain.

5. To avoid the reality and appearance of inappropriate male/female relationships.

6. To operate at the highest standards of accountability and openess in terms of finances provided to the ministry.

Arliss Dickerson
Lifeway Collegiate Ministry Contract Worker

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