Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"5 Ideas for College Freshmen Who Will be Commuters"

There are some pluses to being a commuter college student....especially if it involves a free room at home. There are two types of commuter, the one who lives at home and the one who lives in an apartment away from campus. The number one problem that both can face is becoming or feeling isolated from campus and college life. The reason national studies show that dorm students tend to make better grades has nothing to do with the dorm itself. It is about feeling connected and functioning as a college student. It is easier for a dorm student to go to the library or a study group. The commuter must make some intentional decisions that promote "feeling and acting like a college student.

1. Be intentional about meeting some people and making some new friends that share the same priorities and commitments. Don't just hang out with some old high school friends.

2. If a student is living at home, it is important to remember that college life functions on a different schedule. There are programs, religious activities and intramurals that take place from dinner time to late at night. Don't let supper time at home prevent college life and experiences from happening.

3. Whether a commuter lives at home or in an apartment or at home, eating some meals on campus is a plus and can promote new friendships and more college connection. Some buy a meal ticket and many campuses have a plan where an amount of money can be deposited and used whenever in the different campus eating facilities. Besides lots of apartment students don't eat so well when they do all their own food!

4. Make plans to attend the Back-To-School or Fall Reetreat of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry or one of the local college churches. It offers great new friends, adult mentors, spiritual challenge and a ton of fun. Even if a student works on weekends, asking off now could make the difference.

5. The first 3 weeks of college often sets the pattern of the rest of a student's college career. Don't believe those that say don't worry about going to class or anything that first week. Many have derailed their college career at the very beginning.

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