Monday, July 16, 2012

"Re-visiting the 6 Types of College Ministers"

As the start of the fall semester begins to be a looming presence, it might be time to think again about which type of college minister you naturally are. Or, what type you saw your college minister be....and so, that is what you have tried to be.

1. The Rainmaker - instantly draws a crowd, either by speaking skills/personality or by presenting a large, challenging vision.

2. The Pastor - operates as "Brother so-in-so" and is very ministerial in appearance, action and attitude.

3. The Cool Dude or Best Friend - tends to be very trendy and operates with lots of buddy relationships and hanging out.

4. The Administrator - operates thru organization and key student leaders.

5. The Counselor - spends a large amount of time in one to one developmental or crisis counseling relationships. Often, he/she is a magnet to troubled students.

6. The Hybrid - intentionally works at combining his/her natural style with one of the others to meet a specific need or an attempt at greater ministry balance.

Now, before the school year begins, which are you? And is it time to move to being a hybrid? Which one of these styles needs to become more a part of who you are to strengthen your ministry? Continue to play to your strength, but add another dimension.

Or, it might be to admit that you have been trying to be one of these styles and it is not who you are. Maybe, you are trying to copy your mentor or to be another version of whatever the cool ministry is on campus. Maybe, it is time to admit which style is honestly who you are and let God use your uniqueness.

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