Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Basics for Church Based College Ministry

I have never done church based College Ministry. I have seen it done well and poorly. Recently, I have been asking some who do it well and very well to share what they know that can benefit others. I will be sharing their insights without names and location for a variety of reasons.

Today's observations are from a Church College Minister in a very large ministry.

What are the Main Things That Make a Church College Ministry What it Should Be?

1. The Ministry is seen as targeting a missional people group NOT an educational group.
-Treat it as just another segment of the educational ministry and you are forcing a square peg into a round hole. The leaders must be free to reach and minister on terms dictated by campus culture instead of the church programming dictating the mission.

2. The pastor MUST be on board and friendly to students. He can set the stage for #1.
-Students like some access to Pastoral leaders, but NOT a hangout buddy.

3. Missional opportunities within the family of faith give students a place to serve instead of just take.
-It also removes some of the "youthy" feel. They are now young adults. Churches who embrace students in this way instead of just seeing them as temporary will benefit from their service.

4. Churches who connect with BCM can help students see the vision is bigger than "just our thing" and strategically plan with the BCM to keep from reinventing the wheel and creating competition.
-It is the best use of resources. BCM has some resources that churches don't and vice versa.

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