Thursday, March 28, 2013

More on Making Changes in Your College Ministry

I have received sone good questions regarding my previous post that now is the time to "try out" a possible change in your ministry. Then, you know more if or how you might implementement it this fall.

One person indicated that his students were not in favor of the change because of their schedules or willingness to give more time to the ministry. That's a tough call. It may come down to the question,"Are you happy with your ministry as it this it?". If not, then you may decide to take the risk. I find most students aren't as excited about change as most people think. Sometimes, students want the ministry to stay small as that is more comfortable for them.

I am not in favor of being dishonest with your students....but, you may want to experiment with something new between now and the end of school without telling your students ALL you are thinking or considering. Or, it could be that you try something that is not the whole new concept, but will give you some glimpse of what the change might provide.

Remember, one thing you can do is go to another campus and see what and how they already do something you are considering doing. It might mean missing your weekly event once...but could put you miles ahead. It doesn't have to be someone just like you or your denomination. You don't have to agree with their theology to study and learn from their methodology. I once drove 2 and 1/2 hours and slipped into the back of another denomination's campus worship....I got busted...someone recognized me, but I saw what I needed to see.

Remember, you must listen to and hear your are the one responsible for the ministry and it's fruitfulness.

Keep those questions coming. Send me and email and I will respond individually.

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