Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some Books and a Resource I Like

I served on a panel awhile back and was ask to mention some books I've read. I pretty well drew a blank. Here's some new ones and an older favorite.

Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley-it tells the story of the start of North Point church and I think there are takeaways for College Ministry. Plus, he shares some of the personal stuff between he and his father that went on during that time.

Leadership Books- I pretty well like all leadership books either for a full read or a one hour session. If you share this interest, I recommend "Leaders Book Summaries". It costs $76 a year. They email you a summary of a new leadership book every three weeks...some are Christian and some are secular. You can read the super brief nutshell or do the longer (usually about 5 pages) summary. There are also some others that you can access.

"Saving Their Future" by Guy Chmieleski who is the Chaplain at Belmont University-this is a brand new book on the theme of mentoring and would be good to give to adult volunteers.

An older favorite: "Seven Practices of Effective Ministry" by Andy Stanley is one of my super all time great favorites...did I say I think it is teriffic?

"50 Secrets of College Ministry" by Me- This is a little self published book I did that is just one small paragraph on each. I see so many newer College Ministers having to learn things the hard way veterans take for granted or sometimes forget.

I also read Time Magazine every week. I buy into the idea that you aren't educated, if you don't keep up with current affairs.

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  1. So...how could we go about getting our hands on the "50 Secrets..." book?

    Jonathan Clark