Thursday, March 21, 2013

Try Out That College Ministry Change NOW!

This is the time of year you are just back from Spring Break....every day from now on, your students are less with you. Remember, some have to read Chapter one and all following!

Are you considering a change to your ministry? Could you try it out between now and the end of school? That might tell IF you want to make the change or WHAT the problems are with your plan.

Several years ago, our Lunch Program (meal with a speaker) had outgrown our Rec room that was right beside the kitchen. Someone said off handedly that it would be great if we could have it in our much larger Chapel. But, the kitchen was down stairs and there were two sets of steps to go up to the Chapel from the serving area. We KNEW it would not work to serve downstairs and students go up two sets of steps to the much larger chapel with plates and drinks in their hands.

So, for the last Lunch Program of the year, we decided to prove it wouldn't work! We set up lots more tables in the Chapel, served downstairs in the kitchen serving area. A crazy thing happened. It worked!

That fall and every fall since since then, the Lunch Program has been served in the kitchen area and the students have carried their plates to the much larger space. A Weekly outreach event that had maxed out at 80 then began to grow....over time it went to 200 plus and even maxed out at 300 a time or two. I knew it wouldn't work....till we tried once!

What should you try once or twice between now and the end of school? What have have you wished you could change? What have you thought about and think maybe it won't work? Pray! Brainstorm! Try it now!

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  1. I am considering making a change in my ministry. I'm still somewhat new to our church-based college ministry. I've been doing it for 3 years now. There are approximately 15 students that meet on Sunday nights for a large Bible study that includes those in college and those who recently graduated (18-30 y/o's)

    I am considering starting small groups during the week in addition to the large Sunday night gathering. I'd probably create 1 or two and appoint (or ask for volunteers) to lead the ministry. The point of these small groups would be missional (inviting others who can't come on the weekends), about fellowship (many of the students aren't as close to each other as I would like), and discipleship.

    The problem I run into is that about half of my students like the idea but they have odd/changing schedules each week. The other half simple says "I have enough to do all week besides this."

    I'd like to I pushing something too early? Am I approaching this wrong? I've been considering this change for over a week now, and while I like the idea, I don't know to start it despite their comments or to wait.