Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Building Up an Existing Church Based College Ministry

I asked a friend who went to a church that had a College Ministry to share his story of where they were, how it has grown and what he thinks are the main reasons for it's growth.

In 2010 we had 6 to 10 college students on Sunday morning with about 40 coming to our student led small groups. There were 45 to 65 coming to the Sunday night college student service. This fall we have about 140 students on Sunday morning and 150 in our small groups. We average about 350 at our student worship service on Tuesday night.

Here are a few things that we have done that I believe have had the biggest impact on our ministry.

1. We had no adult leaders in 2010. Now we have over 30 and that number is growing. Each Sunday morning we have 8 small groups and plan to have 12 this fall. We have made this the focal point of our ministry.

2. We moved our College Worship from Sunday nights to Tuesday nights. This has allowed us to focus more on Sundays and keep our ministry from being totally segregated from the rest of the church. One of our 4 main prayers is to be rooted in the church, both growing and serving in the church.

3. We made our student led Communities (which meet different nights and in different dorms and apartments) closed groups. They can sign up for 3 weeks. After that, no more students can sign up. We alternate weeks. One week they discuss what we are studying at our College Worship on Tuesday and the next week the group works together to do some outreach to target unchurched students on campus or they do a service ministry project. Each student has to sign a covenant to be part of a community

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