Friday, July 5, 2013

Being Part of the College Ministry Family

I have just attended my class reunion, visited with a friend battling for his life and it has made me reflective. I have many good friends from all periods of my life. But, the family that continues methane the most to me is the at large College Ministry family.

Eleven years ago my wife, Sue, was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. During her treatment, etc I would get messages from Different states and even countries saying, "We are praying for Sue today.". Or, "Our Leadership Team prayed for Sue today at our meeting.". Many of these people sending these messages I did not even know! She is healthy today and has been since then.

One of the things I try to encourage College Ministers to do is connect with College Ministry people from other states. It will grow your knowledge and will probably pray for you when you need it most. One of the things that blessed my life and ministry was being part of a group that started meeting in the summer 20 years ago. College Ministers from 3 or 4 states would get together with mostly just a whiteboard and questions. They are meeting next week in Denton...already missing it. That group expanded my world and grew our ministry at ASU!

Today there is a discussion in Baptist life about whether to do College Ministry BSU/BCM style or by Campus Church Plants. Unfortunately, our College Ministry family is being fractured by some who want it to be an either or thing. Some are saying Campus Church Plant is the only way. Others are saying, BSU/BCM style is the only way. If thats the choice, then I Know which I pick.

BUT, that's a false choice. Where there's no churches, hooray for Campus Church Plants. Where there are a ton of churches and great functioning BSU/BCM ministry....that's the best choice. Let's don't fracture the Campus Ministry family with putting up a false choice!

But, whether you are Baptist, Non-Denom, Methodist, etc., realize your need and benefit from being part of the College Ministry family! Get out and meet, connect with your cousins. Anytime, anywhere, anybody does Christian College Ministry well....the whole family benefits!

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