Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why Don't Campus Based and Church Based College Ministers Get Along Better?

One of the frustrations in College Ministry sometimes can be the lack of cooperation between church based College Ministers and campus based. I asked a friend who is a Church Based College Minister who really cares about and sees the value of cooperation to list some of the frustrations.

Church Based College Minister Frustrations:

1. Lack of coordination (not competition)between the campus based and the church on over-all vision and strategy. Neither can do it alone. We need the partnership.

2. Lack of communication about, ministries, trips, mission trips.

3. Temptation for the Campus Based ministry to function as a church and replace the local church body while students are in college.

4. Competing schedules-student time is limited.

Campus Based College Minister Frustrations:

1. Churches want us to get students to their churches and then they schedule them so much they don't come back to the campus ministry.

2. Church College Ministers often don't connect students to the church as a whole, but rather just create another version of the campus ministry.

3. The Campus ministry develops student leaders and musicians and the church takes them all.

4. We try to schedule meetings for communication and the church guys won't come or return our phone calls.

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