Sunday, July 7, 2013

If I Were Starting a College Ministry from Scratch....

Most of what I write about I have done or at least seen done....not this time. Both Campus based ministries I have served were already established and going when I arrived. But, out of that experience this is what i would do today if I were starting from nothing.

I would be all about Freshmen Ministry. I would hold events, seminars, and workshops for freshmen. The large ministries that have a specialized Freshmen ministry do so because Freshmen have the greatest availability, are looking for connections and have the greatest need for input into their lives.

The first two or three weeks I would have "Freshmen Get Acquainted events". Nearly all freshmen are looking for people with which they can connect. Also, I would announce at those some upcoming events such as, "How to Make it in College", "Wise Study Tips", "Dealing with Conflict and Relationship Breakups", "Cheap Eats and Discounts You Can Use". I would offer each of these at more than one time.

I would not hide the fact that I was a Christian College Minister, but I would not make the seminars or events spiritual in nature. In addition to announcing the upcoming seminars, I would announce a Bible study group and a time that it would meet. Again, I would use a title that had some appeal...."5 Reasons Atheists say Christianity is not True...and What Christians Say". I would go with some Lee Stroebel materials there for help. But, at the start these would just meet once...there would be no sign up commitments.

I would volunteer to speak to groups such as fraternities and sorority plege groups on leadership principles. At every event I had I would have a sign up for a giveaway at the end of the first month of school.

I welcome the thoughts, comments,and ideas from those of you who have started from scratch.

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  1. Arliss, I think you've got some great insight and ideas here. And you've basically touched on what I've experienced to be highly true and necessary in starting up a college ministry, particularly if you're in a challenging place like a tech school, commuter school, or vocational school (all just as important as the big state schools) - and that is that you MUST be relational, approachable, and flexible.