Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What's the Perception of Your Ministry?

Everything you do helps create and affect the perception of your ministry on campus. What is the perception of your ministry on campus? You might be getting better than you deserve....or....you may be getting worse than you deserve.

Is there a word of mouth about your ministry on campus? Several things go into perception.

-The students that come to your ministry affect it. When I came to Arkansas State several years ago someone said to me, "Oh, that's the group of students that have food fights in the cafeteria."......not exactly what I hoped our ministry would be known for.

-The quality of your publicity. If you put out printed materials on campus, how do they look and how do they compare with the other such materials students see?

-Other ministries on campus affect the perception of your ministry. This can take several different shapes. Often, campus religious groups are all lumped into one category by those not involved. This can help you or hurt you. Occasionally, one ministry badmouths another ministry. This can be a huge frustration and affect how others see you, if you are the one being bad-mouthed.

How do you change or affect the perception of your ministry?

-Quality always communicates quality....publicity, events, etc.

-Do some campus wide event at the start of school that may be nothing more than for awareness/perception. It could be a cookout in center of campus...a homemade waterslide.....blow up toys.

-Invest in attractive ministry tee shirts that your students will wear during the first couple of weeks of school.

-Help your key student leaders realize their impact as representatives of the ministry.

-If someone is badmouthing your ministry, pray about whether and how to approach them and talk about it.

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