Friday, July 19, 2013

Church and Campus Based Ministers Not Working Together...Part 2

1. Some Church based College Ministers say Campus based folks don't understand the pressure put on them to produce numbers. A friend who went from being a BCM Director to being a large church College Minister said he will never forget the Monday staff meeting when the pastor demanded to know why their student attendance had been down a little the day before.

2. Continued regular communication always helps. When possible, have a regular set time to do lunch or drink coffee or a coke.

3. Campus Based College Ministers don't think Church Based understand that the stronger the Campus based ministry is the more it can help churches.

4. Most Campus Based College Ministers have it in their job description to help least Baptist. Some Church based have it in their job description to cooperate with the Campus Ministry.

5. At leadership and band member selection time, have a conversation about who and what and where....maybe you could have your own player draft!

6. Campus Based College Ministers can and should highlight Church Based College Ministers. Church Based can and should do the same. Both provide things the other cannot or should not.

It is possible to have discussions about who reaches out to what dorms, teams, student groups. It is possible for each to reach some the other is not. It is possible to minister to some together. Confession: I once sent a Church College Minister an email telling him we were changing our large Lunch Program to the same time as his weekly Collegiate worship. Within 5 minutes he responded asking why. I then said, "We aren't.....just wanted to see if there was a message you would respond to.". I know it was wrong.....but, it sure was fun.

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