Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Nuts and Bolts Stuff of College Ministry

I recently did a funeral for an old high school friend. The local pastor...not a newbie wanted to know some practical things about doing funerals and funeral home visitations. He said, "They never taught us stuff like that in seminary....or Roberts Rules of Order!". I think that last part about Roberts was heart felt!

What's the point? It points even more to the need for people in Collegiate Ministry to have a more experienced mentor or if you are one of those experienced College Ministry Gurus, you need to take younger ones under your wing and help them learn the every day nuts and bolts that aren't taught in a seminary class.

What are some ways to learn from others?
-when you visit a college campus, go into all the religious centers on campus and just see what you see....set-up, posters tell you all sorts of things, colors, furniture ideas.

-Ask an experienced College Minister if you can come follow him or her for a day or two.

-Look at the Website of lots of different College Ministries. Don't look at just those that are the same flavor as yours.

-Ask some different College Ministries to send you a copy of their brochure, poster, or leadership structure.

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