Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Welcoming the Nations Month.....Foreign Missions Done Cheap!

September is Welcoming the Nations Month for those who do College Ministry and/or for churches near a college campus.

The nations (International students) have come to us and are on our campuses. What if all believers on our campuses were intentional about fulfilling the Great Commission by welcoming International Students and introducing them to the love of Jesus Christ?

Why International Students? Most will return to their countries and become political, economical or educational leaders. How better to reach the nations than through their leaders?

What can you do? Here are some different ideas:
-Offer to provide rides from the airport to campus for arriving students (ok; that would be August..not September).

-Volunteer to be a Conversation Partner that helps a student learn conversational English just by talking and listening.

-Host a dinner at your church, BCM or other Christian Center and introduce them to American culture.

-Enlist Host Families to have Internationals in their home for a meal. Check out my May Blog, "The Single Best Thing You can do in International Ministry".

-Offer beds or bedding for Internationals who are moving into unfurnished apartments and often sleeping on the floor.

God has brought the world to us. At various times as many as three quarters of the number one leaders of the countries of the world have studied in the US.

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